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LEH Hose Line is establishing a reputation for superior performance, reliability, long lasting durable products, and high-pressure range.
  • Universal Hose Range - Meeting or exceeding the main International Standards (SAE, DIN, EN, ISO). - online catalog
  • Extreme Hose Range
  • Traditional
  • Isobaric
  • Special Application

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Designed to guarantee superior performance, extremely exceeding the standards in terms of:
  • Temperature resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Flame retardant cover properties
  • Pressure resistance
  • Ozone and weather resistance
  • Flexibility, compactness and lightness
  • Or specifically designed to satisfy the most demanding applications in heavy duty working conditions. 



Hose Protections
High-tech protections range for hoses and piping, dedicated to heavy demanding applications. - online catalog

Water Cleaning & Blasting
Hose (and fittings) range for hobby and/or professional water cleaning and blasting applications. - online catalog

Hose (and connectors) for drilling applications. - online catalog

LEH offers a full mining hydraulic hose line for fluid power applications. - online catalog

Refrigeration Hose Range, Assemblies and Kits
Reinforced rubber hoses, fittings & hose assemblies for air conditioning and mobile refrigeration systems. - online catalog


The crimped fittings range is composed of more than 2000 options meeting the most common international standards (SAE, DIN, BSP, JIC, ORFS, etc.) and specific requirements set by some of the worlds most demanding OEM's. The LEH fittings range thanks to the new eco-friendly zinc plating treatment (Cr6 free) has significantly improved corrosion resistance. 


The crimped fittings range includes:

  • Multifit Type (MF)- High-tech swaged fittings is the MRI universal solution for wire spiral and braid hoses, which offers a simple and cost effective solution aimed at reducing production, distribution and assembling costs.
  • InterlockPlus Type(ILP)- This solution guarantees maximum reliability for very high pressure wire spiral hoses in heavy-duty applications.
  • Xtralock Type (XL) - The fittings concept designed for ultra-high-pressure hydraulic power lines and water blasting applications.
  • Blastlock Type (BL) - Fittings suggested for waterblasting applications.
  • Pushlock Type (PL) - The insert solution for low pressure applications without the need for swaged ferrule.
  • Precrimped Type (MF 3000) - The fittings range with pre-crimped ferrules, corresponding to the US standard requirements.

  - online catalog