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ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal)

Leading Edge Hydraulics is extensively involved with the cost-effective, reliable, Mechanical O.R.F.S. connection. O.R.F.S. Mechanical Form originally appeared in section J1453 of the 1998 SAE Book of Standards. LEH is directly involved with the evolution of this latest form in hydraulic applications all over the World today.

Since its adoption in full production, by several major OEM's in the early 1990's, we will have nearly 22 million joints in the field by 2020, without any failures of the connection. Why run the risk for defective braze joints when we can eliminate them!

Key Benefits

  • Fully Tested by Independent Laboratory to conform to SAE J1453
  • Replace Brazed and/or Welded Connections
  • Eliminate Potential Leak Paths
  • Reduce Warranty Claims
  • Greater Joint Integrity
  • Lower Cost