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Nexus Form Technology

Leading The Way

LEH originally developed the NexusForm ORFS Connection in 1985. It was this technological innovation that set us apart, and continues to forge our destiny as the number one hydraulic fluid conveyance manufacturer in the world. This style of high pressure connection, along with the complimentary offerings in high pressure 4-bolt flange applications, has revolutionized the hydraulics industry. The benefits are multi-faceted which bring world class performance to the Nexus Form family of hydraulic connections

  • No Caustic Cleaning
  • No Carbon Emissions
  • No Potential Leak Path
  • No Precious Metals Consumed
  • Eliminates Un-necessary Cost Drivers
  • Completely Interchangeable with Industry Standards (SAE/ISO)
  • Capability to handle jump sizes (rule of thumb typically one dash size up or down)
  • Extreme Reliability!  Over 22 Million Connections in the field with ZERO Hydraulic Failures!