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Series 264, 1/4" / DN6.3 Pressure Eliminator

  • Flat-Face design    
  • Connection under pressure
  • One-hand operated

    LEH Series 264 is a Flat-Face quick-connect nipple with a built-in pressure eliminator. The nipple is according to and exceeds the demands in the ISO 16028 Standard for low- and medium-pressure hydraulic applications. The Flat-Face design minimizes spillage during connection and disconnection. The pressure eliminator allows for connection with residual/trapped pressure on the nipple side. The nipple Series 264 connects with couplings in Series 265, Series 266 and Series 262.

    The pressure eliminator nipples are also available in four other sizes; 3/8" /  DN 10 (Series 364), 1/2" / DN 12.5 (Series 564),5/8" /  DN 16 (Series 664), 3/4" / DN 19 (Series 764). For steel couplings in accordance with ISO 16028 see Series 265. Stainless steel versions of the standard are available in Series 266. Series 262 feature an interchangeable steel coupling designed for lower pressures.    
Technical data
Nominal flow diameter: (1/4") 6.3 mm
Rated flow: 10 l/min (2.2 GPM UK)
Max. working pressure connected: 50.0 MPa
Max. working pressure disconnected: 50.0 MPa
Min. burst pressure connected: 150.0 MPa
Min. burst pressure disconnected: 150.0 MPa
Temperature range: -30°C — +100°C (-22°F — +212°F)
Material nipple: Hardened steel (zinc passivation)
Material seal: Nitrile (NBR), other sealing materials on request
Connectability: With static pressure up to 50 MPa on the nipple side
Disconnection under pressure: Not allowed
Comment: Connects with couplings from Series 265, Series 266 and Series 262

Rated flow is measured at 0.1 MPa pressure drop.

Approved to max working pressure

Max working pressure 31.5 MPa according to ISO 16028


Nipples with pressure eliminator Part No. Connection Length Diameter Hexagon Seal
Female thread 102646202 G 1/4" 74.4 25.2 21 NBR
102646402 1/4" NPT 74.4 25.2 21 NBR