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Always Easy to Connect.
Never again will residual pressure be a problem when you need to connect hydraulic lines.

• Flat-Face design

• Connection under pressure

• One-hand operated

• Small dimensions

• Conforms to ISO Standard 16028


Residual Pressure

Residual pressure is mostly caused by expanding oil due to elevated temperatures and results in a substantially increased connection force making the coupling and nipple virtually unconnectable.  These types of problems are usually solved by unscrewing some of the threaded connections to bleed out the residual pressure or puncture the pressure by force. In doing so, the surfaces of the coupling or nipple are usually damaged, the frequency of costly down times is increased and the risk of environmentally dangerous leaks becomes higher.


Pressure relief

With a built-in pressure eliminator the residual pressure is punctuated during connection and the pressure is equalized making it possible to connect the hydraulic system without the need for extensive force. Consequently, a fast and easy connection process is ensured and hydraulic spillage is eliminated.