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X-Series Couplings

For technical specifications and part numbers on the different sizes refer to:

    The Flat-Face design of the couplings minimizes spillage during connection and disconnection - an important step in preventing fire and safety hazards and poor performance in hydraulic systems, and preventing pollution and its associated, costly cleanup measures.
    The X-Series are designed in accordance with ISO 16028, an international standard that specifies interface dimensions for interchangeability and performance requirements for hydraulic, flat-face, quick-action couplings at pressure from 25 MPa to 31.5 MPa.
    Low spillage during connection and disconnection
    The Flat-Face design of the X-Series minimizes spillage during connection and disconnection. And the smooth flat surface of the couplings are easily wiped clean, further reducing spillage and the threat of contamination entering hydraulic systems.
    One-hand operation for easy connection
    The X-Series couplings require only one hand for operation, making connection and disconnection fast and easy. During connection, the coupling and nipple automatically lock into place.
    Security locking for extra protection against involuntary disconnection
    As added protection against involuntary disconnection, the coupling design includes a manual security-locking feature. It is engaged by manually turning the locking sleeve after connection. The lock is released by returning the sleeve to its original position during disconnection.
    Optional dust caps available
    To prevent dust and debris from entering the system, dust caps are recommended for use on both the coupling and nipple when they are connected and disconnected. They are available for all sizes and connections.
    3/16" / DN 5 mm to 1" / DN 25 mm sizes
    The X-Series are offered in many versions and sizes, including couplings in steel and stainless steel with a working pressure up to 500 bar. Also included in the range is pressure eliminator that solves problems with residual pressure on the nipple side.
    Two-part design
    Since the two-part couplings feature separate front and back sections, standard line products are available with customer rear sections or threads to meet specific application requirements.
    Security locking instruction
    Connection - After the nipple is pushed into the coupling and locked into place, turn the locking sleeve manually away from the ball to engage the extra locking feature.
    Disconnection - To unlock the coupling, turn the locking sleeve so that the ball is in line with the mark. The locking sleeve can then be pushed backward to release the nipple.