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These guidelines are aimed at producing the highest quality/lowest cost hard bent hydraulic tube assemblies possible. The more you deviate from these simple guidelines, the higher the cost of the finished product, both in manufacturing efficiency and long term quality control. Any design that exceeds these guidelines must be looked at carefully to insure that the increased cost is justified.

1.) Minimum straight length between bends should be two times the outside diameter of the tube.

2.) Minimum straight length between the last bend and the end fittings should be two times the outside diameter of the tube.

3.) Avoid designs requiring a 90 degree elbow or tee fitting on both ends.

4.) Avoid designs with jump size fittings where the inside diameter of the fitting is dramatically smaller than the inside diameter of the tube.

Key Benefits
  • Highest Quality
  • Lowest Cost
  • Ease of Assembly

Fluid Conveyance System Design Tools


CREO / ProE Wildfire 5.0 / ProPipe / CREO Illustrate
DOCS / V-Tube STEP / Tube Calc / BenderLink
BendProSIM - 3D Simulation and Analysis
MazaCam - SolutionWare 3D CAD/CAM - GeoPath

KwikMark Parts Marking System w/4th Axis