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Over 45 years in business, fabrication capabilities from 1/8" through 4" diameter tube. All tubing and components are supplied to either SAE or ASTM standards and are certifiable. Our ISO9001:2000 certified quality system has been recognized by major original equipment manufacturers. We are a Partner Supplier to John Deere's Worldwide Construction & Forestry Division, Certified Supplier to Caterpillar, and a Qualified Supplier to the CNH Global.

The latest in CNC technology is utilized to bend all types of material from 1/8" through 3" O.D. Plug and ball type mandrels are used to insure a smooth, wrinkle-free bend. 3 new Romer-Cimcore Tube Inspection machines, using the latest version of Supravision 6.1, are utilized to check all bent forms for accuracy.

LEH is extensively involved with the cost-effective, highly reliable, Mechanical ORFS connection. LEH is involved with SAE directly in the evolution of this latest form in hydraulic applications. ORFS Mechanical Form originally appeared in section J1453 of the 1998 SAE Book of Standards.
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MECHANICAL 4-BOLT FLANGE (Code 61 & Code 62)
LEH is extensively involved with the development of cost-effective, reliable, Mechanically Formed Hydraulic Connections.  LEH is announcing the new revolutionary formed hydraulic connection in the Nexus Code 6162.    This process is proprietary to LEH and has been tested by the Milwaukee School of Engineerings, Fluid Power Institute, passing impulse testing at over 1,000,000 cycles as well as burst and vacuum tests.

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Nexus Code 61 / Code 62.

A complete range of tube end forms are available including, but not limited to, 37 degree single and double flare, hose beads, tube-o, expansion, saddle and O-Ring face seal. (Non-braze female ORFS mechanical form now available in many sizes, even jump up and jump down sizes!).


Automated brazing tables insure a consistent, leak-free braze joint every time. On-site inspection of braze joints include: visual, destructive peel test, pressure test and ultrasonic inspection.  Our highly skilled welding department is available to handle a full range of welding requirements, including both TIG, MIG and Pulse Mig welding.

A complete range of surface coatings are available, including zinc plating, powder coating, and an in house iron-phosphate line.  Tri-Valent / "Hex Free" Plating options soon available, please inquire!