Inspection Methods


At Leading Edge Hydraulics we use the latest in Tube Inspection and Process Control Capabilities to insure our customers the consistent product quality they expect and deserve.

Romer - Supravision / DOCS (Digital Overlay Camera System)



CMM Inspection - PC-DMIS


Cleanliness Testing

Gravimetric Cleanliness Testing
- Finite Analytical Scale
- Microscopic Evaluation for Particle Size
- Proper Lab Equipment to Perform Test to many OEM Standards as well as ISO Requirements

Salt Spray Testing

- Salt Spray Chamber to Perform Test to Customer Standards or ASTM B 117


SPC - Statistical Analysis Tools

Mini-Tab V15


 Mini-Tab - Quality Companion Planning V2.4


3D Simulation and Analysis

All 13 CNC Benders are Modeled and Available for 3D Simulation and Analysis
+ Saves on Setup Scrap
+ Aids in Training new Operators
+ Reduces setting up on equipment that might have collision or interferences with part geometry
+ Excellent way to communicate Quality Concerns with Design and Quality Engineers